Data Money Online = Scam

A new work at home scam has emerged. As with previous articles (Google Money System and Twitter Money) done before here at Scam Free internet, Data Money Online ( follows a similar scheme of charging you an unexpected fee on your credit card.


However, this one’s a little different. It promises you that you will make a profit within 24 hours of signing up, and that you won’t get charged anything until you make a profit (other than the $7.95 trial fee in some cases). Well, that’s the catch right there, “…until you make profit.”

Here’s what they do.

First, you are given $5 when you sign up. This $5 counts as that promised profit, and now that you have made a profit, you will be charged. You will be charged $197!

Direct quote from their sign up page:

Don’t worry – we’re not charging anything yet: we’re just asking you to deposit a refundable $7.95. This will unlock all the steps, which is the main key to making money with this program. ONLY IF you start making money within one day will your card be charged our fee or your deposit will be refunded as well.

Why can’t we take our fee from your checks? We do not issue your checks. Your checks are made and sent by the companies directly which you will see in the next page, and we don’t have any control over your funds. Give it a thought – even if you think we’re a scam (which we’re not!): you have nothing to lose, as we’re not charging you anything until you start making money. But if we are correct, you might be discarding the only program on the whole internet that puts its money where its mouth is.

Here is one of many complaints:

I signed up for a 24 hour trial with DATA Money Online. The trial fee was 7.95 that were supposed to be refunded unless making money within 24 hours, which [wasn’t]. I researched the site and found that many people were reporting the company name to be fraudulent. I sent them an email Thursday, July 23, 2009 7:34 pm (Which I Have Saved) the very same day of signing up to cancel the 7.95 holding fee. Did not get a response and The phone number given is someone saying high call volume is making it impossible to reach by phone and to email them. The next day I was contacted by my banks fraud prevention service concerning suspicious activity. Obviously, they knew something was wrong too. I called them back and they told me that the 7.95 was charged which I could have dealt with, but then informed me of a $197.00 charge. I never knew a thing about a $197.00 fee what so ever! The woman gave me a number that she had listed with the $197 charge. I called the number again, and [again] as well as many emails. Nothing.

I would like to add that [there] was no agree to terms box, never knew anything of a 197.00 charge AND the 7.95 should have never been charged in the first place. Meaning, if 7.95 was only to be charged if you make money within 24 hours, I never did, and have proof. Also, remember I contacted them to cancel my 7.95 holding fee on July 23rd 2009. Which is irrelevant but maybe not?

The phone number that they give you 1-866-552-5774 is a voicemail that directs you to send them an email instead. When you send the email you do not get any response back.

I would like to add how [embarrassing] this has been. My checking [account] is now completely negative.

To summarize,

  • Data Money Online promises you instant profit. Although you will indeed get instant money, you’ll be losing lots more a day later.
    Profit = $5, Cost = $200+. You do the math.
  • In some instances, you’ll be charged a recurring monthly fee.
  • They will never answer your phone calls. You will be told to email them instead, which you never get a reply from.
  • Like with most scams, it is never clear what you actually do. All you see is, “no experience needed,” “as seen on CNN, Google, Oprah, etc…,” and of course, lots of false testimonials, fake cheques (or checks) and Clickbank screenshots, and promises of easy money.

There seems to be some variations of the Data Money Online scam. Some have recurring fees, some promise one-time fee, some have $7.95 trial, etc. But they all have one thing in common: SCAM. The top level domains are all “” or “”. Don’t even look at the page if you see these URLS in the address bar.

Both addresses are added to the scam list here.

Don’t ever make a hasty decision when you have to give away your personal information especially credit card numbers. Even if the deal sounds very affordable with no risk, once you give away your personal information, you are at the scammers’ mercy. Always do proper research. Take the time to read the terms and privacy agreements.

You can also come to our new forum and ask questions if you’re still unsure.

Be safe!

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    • KVNPark says:

      I don’t think so. There are so many of these scams and they all seem to get away with it. The thing is, if you take the time to read the fine prints, they do lay it out most of the time. It is a rip-off, but it may be hard to categorize them under fraud.

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