Wish Bell Gets the Same Treatment – Scams in the News (11/02/2009)

In the Spot Light:

NJ telemarketer admits role in big Internet scam – A former telemarketing company official admitted Friday that he scammed small businesses out of millions of dollars by duping them into paying for Internet services without their consent. Neal Saferstein, 36, of Mount Laurel, N.J., pleaded guilty Friday to mail fraud and tax-evasion charges. His company, GoInternet, defrauded up to 400,000 small businesses and individuals out of as much as $75 million from 2001 to 2004, prosecutors said. They tricked customers into receiving information packets that triggered charges of about $30 a month unless the recipient canceled the service.

Wow. This sounds exactly like what Bell Canada is doing here in Canada. They would sign you up to their service without your consent. Now I know how profitable this is. I only hope that Bell gets the similar punishment. But I doubt that will ever happen. If you live is Canada and have been paying attention to the anti-competitive behaviour exhibited by Bell, you know what I’m talking about.

More News:

Woman Loses $6,800 on Craigslist – Valerie Cadena wanted to buy a 2006 Lexus IS 350 for sale on Craigslist for $6,600.”I was looking for a car and it looked so nice,” Cadena said. “And I thought, ‘If I don’t do it right now I’ll regret it.'” “I want them to go to jail or do something,” said Cadena, who hopes to get her money back.

I’m betting she’s a teenager.

Warning to Korean Living in Brisbane – Members of Brisbane’s growing Korean community are being warned to remain vigilant against an online cash scam that targets them specifically. Queensland Police have issued the warning after numerous complaints from Koreans living in the state. “The scam involves a currency exchange service which is offered via the internet through Korean-based websites and other community media,” Acting Detective Superintendent Ainsworth said. The scam, which has particularly affected international students and those on working visas, offers risk-free currency exchange by depositing money prior to debiting the victims account. Once the victim’s funds have been electronically transferred into the offender’s account the initial deposit will be dishonoured or withdrawn.

Couple Blows Whistle Over Money Scam – People responding to a job offer have been unwittingly caught up in an international money scam. The rip-off involves getting applicants to cash fraudulent traveller’s cheques, which have been sent from overseas, at banks in New Zealand.  Though different, Seogalaxy.net article resembles this case.

Yet Another Dating Scam: Disabled woman conned out of £45k by Internet conman – A housebound widow has been left penniless after she was swindled out of her lifesavings by a con man she fell in love with over the Internet. The 52-year-old, from the East Riding, who was too ashamed to be identified, sent £45,000 to a man she thought was her new partner, to help him move from America so he could come and live with her and her two children. He had spent months chatting to the woman, who is registered disabled, over e-mail, after they met on legitimate website Dating Direct. He told her he was in the US Army and even requested her 10-year-old daughter call him dad.

“Now not only have I got to deal with the loss of the money, it’s almost like someone has died because I had this relationship with someone who turned out not to exist.”

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