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Today, I was logged into Live (formerly MSN) Messenger when I got a message from an old friend. I haven’t talked to him in years. I didn’t even remember who he was for a minute. Here’s the conversation:

(5:57:28 PM) D: hey r you there?
(6:00:19 PM) K: yes.
(6:01:32 PM) K: What’s up?
(6:01:42 PM) D: i just took an IQ quiz
(6:02:49 PM) K: lol this is a weird malware. Hope you can see this. you’re comp’s hacked.
(6:04:28 PM) K: So you took an IQ quiz… and?
(6:04:47 PM) D: i was smarter than i am lol i scored 110
(6:06:20 PM) K: I must be bored. 110
(6:06:29 PM) K: ‘s pretty low. Soooo?
(6:07:00 PM) D: you should see if you can beat me on h**p://
(6:08:21 PM) K: Finally the link. You’re computer’s really messed up man. You probly don’t even use this account anymore. Ima delete you alright?
(6:08:36 PM) D: i bet you cant lol
(6:09:03 PM) K: What? Let’s see where this goes..
(6:09:19 PM) D: take it now while im in the shower and tell me your score when im back
(6:10:05 PM) K: well deleting now.

The bot actually seems to wait for my response. When it said, “i bet you cant lol”, I actually thought for a second it was responding to me saying, I’m going to delete you. It wasn’t…

Anyways, look out for something like this. On top of the usual precautions, change your passwords once in a while and don’t click the links if you’re on the receiving end of such messages. When your messenger account or email account gets compromised, it’s not only a headache for you but also for all your contacts who are going to receive spam and viruses.

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  1. brian mueller says:

    If someone is tricked into clicking on the iq test, how can you fix your computer, or id the virus…what do i need to look for?

    • KVNPark says:

      If you have an antivirus program running, you should be ok. If you’re worried, run full scans with your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.
      If you want recommendations and more info on that, read this security article. It’s a little old, but the recommendations are still very relevant. Hope that helps.

  2. jku says:

    Just figured I’d say this bot has a few keywords. SEVERAL friends of mine have gotten infected, unfortunately. If I get anything about IQ tests, or pornographic site things in my messengers, I never click the links. Nobody I know would link me to sites like that really. Anywho, if you say virus, this particular one replies something along the lines of “Stop doubting me!” and if you mention hacking or hacked, it says “I’m not hacked!”

  3. ChazMaz says:

    Yea I get it all the time. And, even thought it is a bot. I ask for a blow job… Ya never know. ;-)

  4. Kaneharo says:

    Oddly, I just got one from a guy I had only talked to through emails. I recognized it from when I got the same message from a friend through MSN.

  5. DSI Canada says:

    Fortunately, I have stopped using messengers years ago.

  6. traffic.girl says:

    whimsom: hi

    ME: opo

    whimsom: I just took an IQ quiz here.. pretty cool

    ME: there you go again stupid? so what mr. virus?!

    whimsom: lol no its me

    ME: kamusta naman ang visayas?

    whimsom: got a 113 lol… thought I was smarter than that

    ME: hahahahahaha stupid!!! baket ka nag eenglish jan stupid? eh tagalog ka

    whimsom: you should see if you can do better than me… if u can ill buy u a drink lol

    ME: UTOT!!!

  7. ELB says:

    Once i got an invitation from an unknown person so i think it was a bot. Thanks for an alert.

  8. plev says:

    Yeah, I just encountered someone with this virus. When I accused the bot of being a virus it claimed it wasn’t one too.

    fred says:
    me says:
    fred says:
    i just took an IQ quiz
    me says:
    lol you have a virus
    fred says:
    lol no its me
    me says:
    prove it
    fred says:
    I was smarter than I am.
    me says:
    yep, virus


    Smart bot for sure.

    • KVNPark says:

      I didn’t know it could do that. Intriguing.

    • Jay says:

      It’s definitely one of the latest smartbots for viruses. I, too, caught on to it..but it was not easy.

      Bot: Hi
      Me: hey whats up
      Bot: I just took an IQ test
      Me: Kool?
      Bot: I thought I was smarter than 113 lol
      Me: Ugh, your account has been hacked

      *Bot: Im not hacked!

      Me: Oh, lol good…

      Bot: You should take the test. If you beat my score I’ll buy you a drink

      Me: (surprised but still curious) lol, what bar?

      Bot: Just take the test (provides link). I’m going to take a shower, let me know what u get when I’m back

      Me: Ugh, your account has been hacked.

      *Bot: it’s me!

      Bot: BRB take the test!


      Be careful people!

  9. TehBug says:

    Just had a friend that has this, gotta love easy to spot bots too…

  10. xster says:

    ya, I just got that shit too. I'm actually really impressed. I'm curious what's the name of the virus

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