99% of Russian Brides Fake

Yesterday, I wrote about the two Russian students being jailed for Russian brides scam. And as promised, here’s more about this fraud in general.

According to Elena Petrova, the founder of Russian Brides Cyber Guide, only 1 in 100 Russian brides are real. The rest are hoaxes designed by professional internet criminals.

Many of these criminals use custom built spam software to contact thousands of males across the net with fake Russian women IDs.

Once they key in on a target, bunch of emails are sent promising love, passion, sexual pleasures or whatever the man wants. Alluring photos are always attached.

Most people would disregard such email as they would with any other spam, but there are always some that do.

After a man is lured in to the seduction, the fake Russian bride asks for plane ticket money. Once that money is sent, everything is over as you would have guessed.

Apparently, dating scams are huge. One group arrested in Russia made over $1 million using the aforementioned method. Sometimes, the criminal isn’t even in Russia. An American man was arrested for pulling a Russian bride fraud with more than 250 victims under his belt.

I am sure most of you don’t pay attention to this sort of spam, but seeing as how successful some of these criminals are, some of you must be somewhat enticed by this kind of email offering. Well, look away. I know international ‘mail-order-bride’ marriages are legit in many cases, but use trustable agencies and don’t reply to a random email you receive. Of course, criminals use agencies, too. So, be aware of the fact that there are frauds out there in this field.

If you are looking for a list of fake Russian brides and scammers, you will find these links useful:

See also – RussianSpy

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  1. kent says:

    i know its a scam but i have not lost any money but i have proof of it im self is an criminal since 30 years back but not on cheating the innocent man or woman know then i know how these ppl act i realy hates ukraine and if i got or i have any opperturnity i will try to kill them doesent matter who only if its a human from ukraine i realy gonna try

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