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  1. Jaden says:

    Something called ‘Housetap’ computer equipment and services out of California recently got flagged by my bank trying to charge me $99.99. They first tried charging me for $0, which wouldn’t work, then they tried the $99.99. I tried searching this online 5 ways to Sunday and I can’t get anything to come up saying who this might be. I don’t know what caused it or how to ensure it doesn’t happen again. My bank closed the card it had charged to and marked it as fraud and reissued me a new account, but I would like to know what warning signs to look for to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If anyone has any info, please e-mail me at

    Not sure if related:

    Today, the same day I got the call about this fraud charge, my phone had a fit where suddenly it kept showing a repeated popup that wanted me to authorize or cancel a program from downloading. I didn’t recognize it, so I kept hitting cancel, but every time I did it immediately sent me a new popup. Then it took me to a screen that looked like the one when you download a new software update, but the company was highlighted in red. I was half asleep and I panicked and shut my phone down before I registered or wrote down what the company actually was, unfortunately.

    So, whether it’s related to the bank charge or not, if anyone has information about what that is as well, please contact me.

    Thank you.

  2. S Stukes says:

    Is and scam websites. I ask bkz they advertise Michael Kors products made of Saffiano leather and come made of cheap plastic and have a Michael Kors tag on it that reads leather. Thank you

  3. Liv says:

    Is Sheinside a scam? I really want to purchase clothes from that site, but I’m not sure if it’s legit.

  4. S Munson says: – email header “quality pharmaceutical solutions fighting erectile dysfunction – Laughable prices” – this is a phony online “Pharmacy” and the drugs they are trying to sell you are adultdterated, dangerous and potentially fatal – do not open this email – any “no prescription needed” pharmacy is illegal in the US and Canada – these drugs come mainly fron India

  5. mary says:

    Is ksrplayer legit? I want to buy a mobile phone from them but their price is not listed and they asked for a wire transfer.

  6. Jim says:

    You should include a new category of “Scam Sites”. Business/Law Scams

    This scam-type includes the rampant practice of individuals fraudulently posing as a prospective client, customer, or partner for a legal or business endeavor to entice initial or continuing investment in an endeavor, or by the criminal falsely submitting fake funds into an account only to seek real funds from the target while the fake funds are being processed.

    One site that I’ve found associated to such scams is:


  7. jerome poulin says:

    do you know about … is it a scam?

  8. Gma Suzie says:

    We found a bulldog puppy for $400 contact name was Ernest MayD 415-746-9341 onto and it had a link that led to another website called We contacted them via text because the call wouldn’t go through. They asked questions like, “Will the dog be inside?” We asked for current pictures via email, and got 2 dogs, 1 girl & 1 boy. Nothing personal, just blanket behind puppies, different poses. We asked for the boy names Ben. 9 weeks old back on 2-13-2014. Still 9 weeks old on the website today. We were told it would come to our airport. Just send $400 (which includes airfare) via moneygram to Kathilynn Williams, Panama City, FL and the puppy will be on the way. “Standby for your baby” (English in the texts were really bad) A while later that day, they need $200 more because the injections from the vets and DNA test and injections were more and they “missed” their flight and it was more money. Hm. Send $200 more, they text, “Stand by for your baby, he is on his way and we will give you flight info then, standby”. Nothing until the next day. Waiting-waiting. We get another text, “need $200 more because of fees from the airline for feeding and other excuses. We paid a total of $800 for a $400 dog. They demanded $150 more because the dog was in transit and “stuck” in IL and can’t finish the journey without $150 more. we ask for flight info, none was given, just bullying us to send more money, we say we can finish up the details on our end, nothing, they only say we will get the puppy if we send more money to finalize the fees. We say “no way” send us the dog. We ask for a refund, they say “no way and not at this time then no” we demand a full refund and they say we cost them money. Now, we are going to facebook (Puppies ‘n Dogs) and FBI tip hot line and other scammer websites to let other people know of their business practices. Other names to lookout for Pal Hayton 847-220-4809, Mike Ponte 904-330-4629, Ernest MayD 415-746-9341, Beware of these crooks. I did a search for these names and numbers and this website has ties to Ireland, Burmuda, Canada, Florida Domain: TUCOWS DOMAINS INC. expires on 11-16-2014 name:;;; Beware of these crooks. I will be posting more on other scam sites to help others from being taken in the future. Hope this helped. Please note that one bulldog puppy is still on with a new updated looking website for prettybullies but, with the same old puppies that are still 8 and 9 weeks old for months. Week after week, still 2 months old these puppies. We are out $846.00. They even posted a puppy on 3-5-2014 of a white bulldog puppy with my home town to taunt me. I need to find a way to printout my texts with this person for proof. Here are some things I found out from searches online:
    New phone number was posted on their website on 3-7-2014 (804) 214-6181. The puppies have doubled in price in one day to $800 & $900 and they have changed a few dogs on the page and still have a couple of the same dogs and the age is always 8 to 9 weeks old. The, I believe have taken down the dogs down. I couldn’t find them today.

  9. lynnsj says:

    Buyer beware do not order from NFL Bee NFL Jersey Shop I ordered from them on Sept 22 and cancelled my order when I did not receive my order by Oct 8. They offered me two other jerseys in place of the one I wanted. I said no, just refund my money. They told me they would and that I would get a refund in 5-7 days and when that didn’t happen and I e-mailed them it was 20-40 days because the beneficiary bank had to give their bank the funds then their bank would give my bank the funds and this takes time and for me to just be patient. Then when that didn’t happen and I e-mailed them once again they informed me that Real Pay would refund my money in another 20-40 days and to just be patient. I contacted Real Pay after that 40 days were up and they informed me they couldn’t help me and didn’t do what NFL Bee said they did. Imagine that! Well it’s now Jan 28 and I have been patient enough. They no longer respond to my e-mails and so I may (know I won’t) get my money back, but I can maybe keep someone else from being scammed. I have reported them to the FTC, Consumer Protection Agency, and the BBB.

  10. gina says:

    Halfee communication is a scam site that scam i was a victim.I dont want other people to be

  11. SAJI SAMUEL says: Is a Scam and Fraud site, never invest in this site and lose your money. They had came up with another site : and vanished with money and the site is not working. Now they have come up with same design and same plan for investing and looting the money. Never invest in this company it is totally scam and once you make the payment it may run for 1 month or so, after that they will vanish with your money and they will change the website. Please be cautious and careful.

  12. Chrisuk says:

    They are scammer, just ask you to wire money in bank account as you sent them replied they dont have the product and need our money what the f**k is this

    Try to avoid them so that no one more got scam like me.


    From: Pet Indo Store
    Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 3:15 AM
    Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your ‘Contact Us’ page
    Sorry, we don’t have your products. But i need your money in our country.
    thank you
    On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 2:07 PM, Beware! wrote:
    Someone submitted the form from your ‘Contact Us’ page
    A user has submitted the contact form on your store.
    Here are their details:
    Full Name: Beware!
    Email Address:
    Company Name:
    Phone Number:
    Order Number:
    You will be reported to every website, bank, government agency and law enforcement agency.
    Pet Indo Store

    Hello there
    Please make the payment to bank account information as below and send an scanned proof of transfer bank so we can prepare the shipment soon.
    ACCOUNT NUMBER : 90000-1536-6850
    Thank you and waiting confirmation from you.

  13. gina says:

    freetips4u scam

    Please be careful with this site

    He is a liar
    Can not download will tell you need to buy
    Take the money and disappear without a trace
    I lost a $ 130
    Fuck rotten cheater

    Contact Us:
    Sumon Islam Forhad
    House No: 85, Mohona R / Adebidwar, Comilla, bangladesh
    Contact Number: +8801615050403
    Skype: forhad201027

  14. Robert Finnegan says:

    Recently I attempted to make an in-game purchase through Google Play and the game was The Hobbit which is developed by Kabam. I used the same card as I have always used to make in-game purchases. It has always worked. This time however for a 19.99 purchase it came back saying transaction was refused due to high risk? High Risk? What does that even mean? I am 50 years old have worked my entire life in a very well paying career. Yet it was refused. But that’s not all, It said please try back in 5 min. Yet every time I did (5 total) it said the same thing. I logged in to my card after a while and saw each time the card was charged even though the request was refused by Kabam every time. That’s 100.00 that is still pending on my card even though it has been labeled as cancelled. So that’s up to 5 days my money is being held ransom. Kabams website says that the amount will be held as pending if thae transaction was refused yet it never says that in the game when making a purchase instead it says please try back in 5 min. Why? So they can deduct the same amount and hold it in limbo each time? Be warned about making any purchases through Kabam apps or website games. They will take your money without your knowledge and give you nothing back in return except heart ache.

  15. Martin L says:

    be a were a Scam I ordered from them and did not resive anything don´t trust them.
    Any place where you have to do bank wire payment is BIG alert for me now.
    keep away from them!

  16. woor at home"SCAMED says:

    the site that “got” me is called, I’m out $40.00. I am a disabled persn unable to drive because of my vision This site is run by a person named Linda Bruce I have tried to do fine answers to resolve this, but have been unable to do so. Do you have any idead how to help me. sincerly yours.


  17. bennie says:

    i am on the verge of ordering for various items from this supplier (, and i found on Alibaba.can you check if this guys are legit because i have reason to believe that they are fake, they sent a proforma stating that they accept letter of credit(my preferred means of payment) but when i visited their website i couldn’t find anything on them accepting letter of credit.

    many thanks for all that you do.

  18. Diana Woller says:

    Do NOT give your money to this company. My husband and I wanted to purchase an RV Trailer. I found one we liked, emailed for more information and got a response from David at AutoHouse

    I spent days doing research to see if this company was legitimate. I have over 50 sheets of paper I printed off as documentation to prove all of the “positive” things I had found and the websites that mentioned them. We even found where they were teaming with Ebay and the Ronald McDonald house for charity events. I also found a website stating that this company did 13.4 million a year in revenue and had 800 franchises currently and opening new franchises every other day. Wow. What a stable company. There website looked professional, they responded quick, AND THEN I SENT THEM MONEY.

    The next day I got a second email saying that because the purchase we were making was so large and because of fraud issues and no payment for merchandise their “board of directors” was now requiring payment in FULL for all merchandise shipped. I got on the website again, and did a live chat with a rep named “Michael” who assured me everything was legitimate. They even had over 100 pages of positive testimonials and documentation on the web to prove it. I already had all of that printed, so everything had to be legitimate, right? I sent them more money, THE REST OF THE PAYMENT. Waited the 2 days to receive the call from the shipping company to set up a delivery time, and then there was no phone call, and ALL OF THOSE FANTASTIC WEBSITE ARE GONE.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t be fooled. I was. And after all of the “good” websites are taken down. You find only a few little posts like mine that break your heart and you realize your dream of owning a camper trailer just went to some total stranger, your savings has been stolen, and you will once again be spending every vacation in a tent, probably for the rest of your life. DON’T LOSE YOUR DREAM TO THESE CROOKS LIKE WE DID!

  19. roland says:

    Hi! These people sells cheap electronics? “magicinternationalelectronics? too good to b true!!!!!

    • bruno says:

      Is it a fake site? I send an e-mail and they answered me.. I don’t know.. I want to do the order but i’m afraid.. Someone can tell me something about this site?


  20. Paul says:

    This site is linked to olimpic

  21. Manish Kulkarni says: ,i paid amount for USB drive but from last 4 days no any update not picking up phone ,cell phone switch off.Skype ,msn no replly .Seems fake .

    Beware to purchase from riana wong

  22. Charlie says: is a fraudulent site , advertising cheap louboutin shoes , however the shoes are fake and are in terrible condition , when they eventually arrive , in poor boxing , shoes unfit for wearing also did I mention FAKE !!!

    This is what you get for trying too buy cheap designer shoes

    If you want louboutins PAY full price for actual REAL louboutins

    Avoid this website like the plague

    Yes you do get your goods but its money wasted , you wouldnt see a tramp wearing these monstrosities !!!!

  23. ihvbeenscmmd says:
    scam website. took USD2000 from me saying the shipment has been held at airports and need money…

    • paco pil says:

      could please clarify your situation with this site?
      was solved your problem?
      is also associated with this frame of spam, company address follows:

      Phone: 60-1220-51405
      they are in Malaysia, and selling all kinds of products, and live animals, but really just want the money and then you confirm a shipment, a web, a carrier that does not exist physically.

      false then that company tells you they have retained at Customs sending some intermediate country, and ask you some extra money to rescue the shipping, and tell you if it is not paid, the shipment will be retained in customs of that country .

      is all completely untrue, they just want your money

  24. galacticangel says:

    One for the list : sendwares dot com … This is my fav in their FAQ, lulz….

    Q:Which pyament method do you support?

    A:We can accept western union and money gram.You can go to local western union or money gram agency to pay for our order,it has a lower transfer fee.

  25. EA123 says:

    is a scam website cos really good prices and seems like a scam plz can u reply to tell me cos i have no idea

  26. David says:

    Watch out for
    Took my money and no motorcycle, found them thru ebay. May have found them in Oregon as Bike us LLc. Filed with the BBB. Bank is in NY.

  27. Omar says:

    Hey is the website a scam? It kind of looks like the website that Sandrine had been contacted by.

  28. Omar says:

    Hey is the website a scam?

  29. Sandrine says:

    I’ve just been contacted by (not to be confused with webuyanycar) with a good offer but they want me to pay a refundable deposit to confirm a valuation appointment, so not sure if they’re genuine or if it’s a scam. Anyone’s heard of them?

    • KVNPark says:

      That doesn’t make sense. Why would they need you to make a deposit? Sounds and looks like a scam.

      • Momo says:


        I got contacted by the same company…. strangely enough the sit has now gone down and nobody answers the phone – this stinks of Scam! Lucky I didn’t pay the deposit.

  30. englishreader says:

    People watch out for . This company operates from Pakistan and pretends to be US based (which again is not true)

  31. Joel says: is a legit site? they have a large inventory but i’m not sure if is 100% legit

  32. Tyler says:

    anyone knows something about it is for real? any qualified opinion will be appreciated. thank you

  33. cocopuffs says:

    Is a scam? i ordered some cleats and i put in the credit card and my adress but it never asked for my credit card number… is it a scam plz help!

  34. collette says:

    ziinga .com has billed me for 89.99 plus a dollar for a bid product costing a dollar.I have actually received no product!
    The site said 7 days free trial but immediately charged my credit card account for the two amounts one dollar and the $89.99. Three days later it charged me another amount of a dollar for nothing. I cancelled my card with National Bank on the same morning of the purchase, when i saw the comments on line about the company involved in identity fraud and noticed under the ziinga website that they requested under Promotional Auction and Special Offers
    users need to confirm their identity by sending the following documents as proof:

    Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back)
    Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver’s license)
    Scanned copy of signed credit card form.
    There have been many victims globally that have had endless trouble blocking the 89.99 charge to their credit card This is a three monthly charge on their accounts which despite cancelling credit cards and getting new ones, this amount still comes onto the new card. Even as in my case through the Austalian National Bank- disputes take up to 90 days and by the time you are alerted to the scam and your bank has looked at your dispute Ziinga have billed you twice for 89.99 a total of 180 dollars. After that you will have the inconvenience of starting an unlinked account with your bank or with another bank.

  35. John says:

    Online Dresses scam. E Dresses Global Rarely deliver any products ordered. Do not buy anything from them! They also use the following email addresses,,

    • layla says:

      did you bought from them? i mean did you ever received something you ordered from them?

    • lesley says:

      Ireceived my order but it was wrong and now they will not refund me. Be aware and do not buy

    • Shannan says:

      i ordered a dress from and payed extra for a 15 day delivery? is there any way you can get the dress?? or your money back?

      • KVNPark says:

        You only need to look at their Facebook page to find out that it’s not a trustworthy shop.
        Email and call them constantly. They might give in. If you bought with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask for a chargeback.

    • Colin says:

      I can sympathise with this. I also made the mistake of not doing a quick google search as I was in a hurry to buy wedding dresses. This company are a scam. It took three months to get the goods out them after cancelling the order they sent the goods out and when they came they were of the wrong colour and poor quality.

      Immediately informed them and requested a full refund and I would ship the package back to their UK address. This is also an address that seems to refuse to take the package, not sure its even their address.

      Very broken English in emails back and forward and would not refund cash or accept goods back.

  36. Plopper says:

    is a scam site? if so, what do they do?

  37. sarah says:

    I was ripped off by a scam clothing store called Kanacassecret, I spent over $200 and received nothing, its been over two months. I would like to make people aware of this fradulent online clothing store

  38. nicky says:

    I was ripped fr 10,000 recently by a company posing as tk lingerie
    they have set up another site called sexy lingeriea
    Tjey say that it is not them but when i approached them they answered me back exactly the same as previously i used a different name and email it is them alright
    i placed a dummy order and there response to pay is the same too BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

  39. walid elomari says:

    hi..does any 1 know a company called “cars sales” now they’ve changed there name 2 “used car centre”!! they sell cars in the uk n usa..n the prices r unbelievable!!!just want 2 check them out u pay the money for the car 1st then they ship it 2 u…but u only choose the car of there website..does any 1 know if they r a scam??????many thanks

  40. Kelly N says:

    Also, he did impersonated “Knowles Electronics” company. I called and emailed them, and they told me the they do not have the worker Ahmed Hassan ( Moreover, they sell game and video or something like that.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I used the exact same thing happened to me with Ahmed, he would call me at about 2 in the morning asking for more money!

      I have no idea what to do Iv lost $500 :(

      Is there any way to catch these bastards?

  41. Kelly N says:

    Does anyone who heard about the Cornwall Delivery services “”? I bought something from Ahmed Hassan ( in Malaysia And I transfered Money for total $1697. But, something weird happend and I realized that I was in Fraud. I feel really stupid myself. Do you guys think I can get my money back? and I can report to Malaysia police and they can be caught?

  42. Kim says:

    Does anyone know anything about They sell dr. Dre headphones for over$100less than every other cite

  43. Liz says:

    Do you have anything about North Face Outlets……Their prices seem cheap???
    Is this the same company that another person claimed to be a fraud and hard to get any action from for incorrect merchandise. Thank you ahead for your responce.


    • KVNPark says:

      All the North Face e-tailers with very low prices are fake dealers. They sell you fake goods, and you’ll receive the merchandise only if you’re lucky. If you have the URL, I can take a look, but I can guarantee you they’re all the same.

  44. vee says:

    hey i was wondering if you could have a look at to see if it was a scam?

    thanks vee :)

  45. KPC FIRMS S.A is says:

    KPC Firms S.A.
    Tel : 0023796950883


  46. Eric says:

    Im suspicious i wonder if is a scam website?

  47. jan says:

    I have a suspicion about “” . What do you think?

  48. Danielle says:

    Does anyone know if is a scam????

  49. ash says:

    Does anybody know if is a scam???

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