Fraudulent Online Retailers

Last Updated: April 28, 2014 On this page, you’ll find a list of fraudulent online stores that you should avoid. There’s also a short list of recommended sites, so don’t confuse the two lists. How this list got started A while ago someone asked whether was legit. Ever since then, I’ve noticed more of […]

Fraudulent Online Retailers

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  1. Michelle Cruz says: is a SCAM & it portrays the REAL North Face but it is not REAL at all! Beware because it looks just like and has all of the same features. I just found this out after I tried to contact them about a charge that was incorrect from when I ordered and it only has an email section but NO CONTACT INFO at all. Pass this around because it is giving North Face a bad reputation and should not be happenning. I have already contacted the BBB to report this and also to my credit card company, as well. THANKS!

  2. Tony says:

    Hi there….I was about 2 order some electronics from but wanted 2 see if the website was a SCAM because the prices are 2 good 2 be true. Could you help me?

  3. kushal patel says:

    hi there please do not order iphon for this website
    this guy fraud guy you loss money and never send product please i have advice you do not order this website

  4. Jenny says:

    Watch out for and These two accept PAYPAL and are fraudulent websites.

  5. Ilse says:

    I’m about to buy really cool super mario bros all stars shoes, which I had a hard time finding. But the website is, is that a legit website? Has anyone ever heard of it? There is no address on the site, you can only contact them by e-mail… Do you think I should buy these shoes here? I have to pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    I would really appreciate if you could help me out!

  6. Amika says:

    Thank you. I came across and added a freezer to the basket which was half the price of all other suppliers but decided to check the reviews on them before I went to pay for it, and came across you website which I’ve now bookmarked.

  7. pily says:

    hi… i’m thinking buy products in this pages

    pleaaaseee… can you say me if are reliable… thanks so much :)

  8. Arturo says:

    I pay 800 dlls fos 180 hats but they ship just 68 and he ask for more money to ship the others be aware from this site please

  9. Nichole Martin says:

    I was trying to order some shoes from I was wondering if the website legit? There is no phone number to contact them. Only email address. Please let me know.

  10. got scammed says:

    I ordered a ring for my girlfriend this last Christmas, instead i received two fake plastic rings. I have been struggling to get my money (couple hundred) back from “Bess” the Chinese lady. Strongly recommend staying away from this site.

  11. isabel says:

    I am looking to purchase an item and have found good pricing on one site. I am not on the computer enough to know what is a legit site or not. The site that I am currently quering if it is legit is If anyone can help that would be great.
    Thanks in advance

  12. Miriam Kings says: seems pretty legit until you really dig into it. No customer reviews… New… No contact info… Too good prices… But you pay with credit card and they have a mobile site… Very suspicious though… Check it out. I almost bought something there…

    • KVNPark says:

      Not sure what to say about that one. Prices don’t seem low at all.
      They did register the domain under WhoIsGuard, which no legitimate store would do under most circumstances. Avoid it.

  13. Olly says:

    Just stupidly paid for a very reasonably priced lens from . Site looks professional but the business address they give is false, the website is located on servers in Lithuania and they ask for direct bank transfer to a UK Barclays bank account.
    Bye bye money, hello regret.

  14. KVNPark says:

    For everyone asking about
    It definitely looks like a scam.
    Prices are too low; checkout page isn’t secure; domain was registered very recently; checkout needs to be done off site through email; what looks like a bogus contact information; etc, etc.

    All the red flags are there. Adding it to the list.

  15. Keyser Soze says:

    I ordered an item from and was extremely suspicious when the final price was way below the one initially found on the search engine. Even more so when the payment method was via Ukash Vouchers.

    The Ukash website has a list of all verified partners and surprise surprise – this company is not one of them! Needless to say, I will not be following up the order with payment

  16. Sarah says:

    Watch out this site is getting top search listing on price comparison website when searching for high end electronic items like cameras. Offers believable cheaper price, But when you go into website, offers even more off. You have to login to order giving address phone number and create a password to set up. Then instead of going through an expected payment procedure they say they are going to email you the order details.
    The email then asks you to use via a variety of cash transfer sites.
    That’s when the alarm bells go off.

    So glad when I created a password to set up an account that it was one I had never used before as this may be a way to pfish using your details in the hope you are lazy with passwords and use it for many accounts.

  17. Samantha says:

    Same thing with me. I come across, their domain seem to be registered in DE, registration provided by IDEAA BIZ SOLUTIONS. Registrant is CLICK MULTIMEDIA LTD with name “Michael Stegnitz“.
    Domain was created on 12-Feb-2012, therefore I’m wondering whether its true or another scam artist. His payment methods seem to be very tricky, and although their address is in Canada, in UK and somewhere else, I still am suspecting their activity.

    I also read another thread on forum but still unsure…
    Can anyone advise on this website please???

    • Samantha says:

      Also want to add, I tried placing the test order. On checkout there’s given simple tick table to choose from FedEx, DHL and USP shipping couriers, then this text appears:

      “Thank you for your order!

      Please check your email, an email should arrive shortly containing your order details.

      If you do not see an email from us please check your “Junk”, “Spam”, “Bulk”, “Suspect”… folder
      In case you have not received the e-mail, the possible reasons are:
      – You have introduced the e-mail address incorrectly.
      – Your e-mail provider is blocking our site’s automatic e-mails. Please go back and re-initiate your order using a different e-mail address.”

      It seems that these guys are definitely scam artists and they are not interested in sending you products at all. All they need is just card details or your brains silly enough to make unprotected payment to unknown person without any chances to get your money back in case you never receive your items.

      So my advice would be AVOID

  18. james says:

    hi ,

    today i have come across one website called, and price for the all the electronic items are too cheap when compare with the other on-line retailers.but i could not find any review about it on-line , so i am bit confused about weather it is genuine or not .. but it will be helpful if some body can visit their website and see if it is genuine or not..


    • Samantha says:

      This is how their fraud works:

      You will receive e-mail with following instructions:

      Payment information:

      e-Voucher is available as a payment method only if you live in United Kingdom. There are nearly 22,000 terminals located in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets, credit unions, garages and off-licences near to you.

      Step 1: Find a PayPoint Agent location here You can pay anywhere you see the PayPoint sign.

      Step 2: Click here and Print this coupon with shopkeeper instructions, note the amount you need to pay for your order and take it into your local convenience store and show it to the shopkeeper. If you don’t have a scanner you can only note the 5 steps from the coupon. This is only to give the shop-keeper a helping hand in case he is not well informed.

      STEP 3: Ask for Ukash Voucher with the necessary value and give the shopkeeper your cash. The shopkeeper will print your voucher (unique 19-digit number). Take the voucher and use it to pay for your order. The maximum limit for a voucher is: 200.00 GBP. If your order exceeds this sum you may buy and combine two or several vouchers.

      STEP 4: Clik here to pay . Just enter the unique 19-digit number and the exact value from your voucher.

      IMPORTANT – For this payment method the item(s) you ordered will come with an extra one year extended warranty for free (for example: if your item should normally arrive with a one year limited warranty, it will come with a two year extended warranty).

      ___________ IT is obvious that warranties and dozens of uncertain discounts for nothing are not given. There is no free cheese here, admit it whether you like it or not, mate :)

  19. Shawn says:

    I’ve got one for you. is definitely fake, from China and they also send out a courtesy message suggesting the buyer visit with any complaints about a site right after you buy…only is the same registrant as (basic criminal mastermind stuff here)

  20. Sharon connolly says:

    I was scammed into buying a woman’s Barbour wax jacket , cannot believe I was scammed I am usually so careful , it all seemed above board but please be aware

  21. Mark says:

    Ordered some Timberland Boots from No confirmation email received from them. Only way to contact them is via email. No contact phone number. Do you think this is a fraudulent site

  22. Simon says:

    I have one for you and beware of:

    Shenzhen MaiKing Technology Co.Ltd

    Skype: mona.queen00

    They take money using Western Union and never ship the goods out they give you a DHL tracking number to make it look like there doing their part but the tracking numbers mean nothing and are just randomly picked numbers they are fraudsters.
    i am in the procedure of getting the UK police involved with this company/scammer.

    If anyone knows this company under another name please let me know.

    Kind Regards

  23. brenda! says:

    Hi, can someone help me please? last monday i bought a tennis shoes from, they did not specified on the web page that i will pay a fee for the conversion of the foreign currency so I sent an email telling them about my problem, and so far they have not answered me, and my order is still on processing status. Do you think i was part of a fraudulent shopping? Thank you so much for your help!

    • KVNPark says:

      If I had to guess, they sell fake goods. What currency was it converted to?
      If you didn’t mean to buy a fake, call your credit card issuer now and get a chargeback.

      • brenda! says:

        The account to which my money went was on Beijing, so i supposed it was china currency, I already called to my bank and they tell me, we have to wait 15 days to see if they answer the e-mails, I hope they can fix my problem, and as I assumed my order has not been shipped, all I want is my money back, and forget all this problem. Please put attention to the page people so you do not have to pass this situation…Thank you :)

  24. toni says:

    Beware of following scammers:

  25. Elizabeth Cassedy says:

    Want to report Have never had this experience before, but now am dealing with a company selling incredibly shabby North Face jackets.

  26. Abdul says:

    Hi what do u think about this website is it real or scam, it seems like scam to me cuz owner called me from west africa and the cantact person on website is in london and even called me.

    • KVNPark says:

      It’s a typical African scammer site. They usually don’t bother to register a domain. They just use a free domain name. At least the Chinese register a domain name of their own.
      I’m adding to the list.

  27. Wil says:

    STAY away from – Air Just Store.
    They fit the above criteria exactly and have been around for awhile now

  28. ern says:

    Do you know

  29. hannah says:

    oh and can you PLEASE have a look at this one
    It’s weird because its in china and its website is a, which would suggest new zealand (i am in new zealand), but i went through the checkout process (without actually buying anything) and it totally lets you pay with paypal… does that mean its ok?

    • KVNPark says:

      No it does not mean it’s okay. That one looks like a scam as well. All the products look like random dress pictures from different places. The best case scenario is you receive a fake low quality good.
      And you’re right about a Chinese site with a URL being weird.

  30. hannah says:

    found a dress on here ive been trying to find for aaages however they only accept bank transfer or western union, and they have the paypal symbol on the bottom – can you check it out?

    p.s, your verification that i am human is REALLY cool.

    • KVNPark says:

      I’m almost certain it’s a scam. It’s Chinese and the fact that there is a logo but no way to use Paypal means it’s a shady site.
      p.s. Please read the rules before posting. You need to omit “http” and “www” from the URL to avoid linking.

  31. Mell says:

    I think got me. They have already taken my money. Please someone help me figure out what to do.

    • KVNPark says:

      I think it’s a counterfeit outlet. Did you pay by credit card? If you don’t hear from them, call your credit card company and try to get a chargeback.

  32. Neil says:

    Does anyone know about

    • KVNPark says:

      It’s a scam. Adding to the list.

      • Tom says:

        Hey, this forum is so useful….but i lve in the UK, do you know any amazing sutes like secondipty or woot who deliver in the UK?? I was so gutted to learn these sites do not ship to the UK.

        PLEASE HELP!!!


        • KVNPark says:

          Hmm. I’ll update the page if I find something, but I don’t know of any. Sorry. Maybe someone else knows.

          • Tom says:

            Not to worry, tahsnk so much though for you help…..I think these two sites are fake….could have a look and let me know.

            Thanks again




            I have made a small order from the top siet and never heard anything back. SHOCKING!!!

            Good hunting people!

          • KVNPark says:

            Both look like scam sites.

  33. Mia Cruz says:

    There is one more to add to your list –

    It is a scam, they bill you but never mail the product, and then they are not reachable.

  34. Harry says:

    Does anyone know about, they are selling top gaming computers for much less than the cpu alone that is listed in the computer.

  35. colin says:

    Hi does anyone know anything about (also know as Electronics Store) they have a LG TV at half the price of local retailers in my country, site looks ok although McAfee site advisor says that they havent tested this site yet, gone to checkout and instead of having a section to enter your card details they say they will email payment details, thought this seems a bit dodgy so didnt go any further, Ive googled the site and cannot find any thing about this company other than what they have put, is this a scam site or just a genuine foreign website .

    • KVNPark says:

      It’s a scam. It’s a typical Chinese electronics scam site. You wouldn’t want to order a TV from China even if the site was genuine due to shipping, customs, warranty, compatibility and other issues.

  36. heidi says:

  37. Helen says:

    Hi, I have ordered a pair of designer shoes from I paid with VISA. I’m now a bit worried because when I have tried to go to the website it is now saying it is temporarily unavailable, yet I have managed to find the exact same looking site under a different address. I’m guessing this is more than a coincidence??

    • KVNPark says:

      What you’re describing sounds like a typical counterfeit site. Call Visa and tell them the site you bought a merchant from is gone, and try to get a chargeback. If you want, you can try waiting a week or so. You might receive a fake good in the mail.

  38. Wayne says:

    xpndeal is a Chinese fake website that pops up with deals too good to be true, takes money via Western Union or money transfer, gives a fake tracking number then asks for more money because the goods are apparently held with customs which is a lot of baloney!

    They turn the web site on and off to try to escape being caught.


  39. austin says:

    I haven’t bought from there, but I am thinking about it, could youu tell me if its a good site? :-)

    • KVNPark says:

      It’s counterfeit and/or a scam site. The site is registered to “dfsf” with a bogus email and address. I’m 100% sure it’s not legit. Don’t buy from them.

  40. Gaby says:

    Hi, I had previously purchased some jeans from tis site for Christmas and they were never shipped…. I ordered from this site—–>
    is this site a scam?? They gave me some tracking number that “conveniently” never works… :/ Ur help is appreciated


  41. Kellie says:

    hello I have recently been to this site and purchased a dress from there it all went dodgy could you please tell me if this is a legit

  42. Melanie Towler says:

    I’m worried about the site, I have gone as far as submitting my personal details before I paid thank god when I started to realize the site didn’t measure up! Do you think this is a legit site?
    Kind regards

  43. salim says:

    is there any way to recover our money back

  44. salim says:

    i also recently sent usd 250/- to one MR UMAR AHMAD via western union in favour of one Daniel James address was Selangor in Malaysia for cheap mobile phone.i got it from Dubai City Ads site,there are lot of persons advertising on that site beware all are fake/ scammers.They advertise cheap cost of mobiles and it is buy 2 get one free and so on,the email in my case is units received as according to him cannot ship as vat and other charges too high instead asking for more money and then will send 16 units shipped through alongwith tracking code.i knew it is a fake shipping site and number and thanks to you it is confirmed,please beware of ads placed on Dubai City Ads.most not genuine check before sending funds.

  45. Marvin Grundall says:

    Hello i’ve sent money to a company in Malaysia name HA Trading they always ask for the money to be sent western union they gave me a tracking number with cornwall delivery i was checking the validity of it and now i see is a scam can you check if this company really exist and if its legit.

    • KVNPark says:

      Sorry to hear. Cornwall is a known fake carrier. If you got a tracking number to check on that website, you got scammed.

    • Marvin Grundall says:

      Full Name: HA TRADING SDN BHD

      Address: Lot 1326 & 1376, Section 66, Ktld, Pending Industrial Estate, Jalan Perdana

      City: Kuching

      State: Sarawak

      Zip Code: 93450

      Country: Malaysia
      This is the company they became quite abusive when i told them i’m not sending anymore money because i saw that the courier is a scam is there anyway you can catch these people.

  46. Rjohn says:

  47. DEVILREINS says:

    hey.. I had post an add before stating i was scammed for $2500usd from a site online selling iphones its called (kampalamartcom) and name Williams McAnothony. I have him on msn block and he have change to new location (bizchumcom) and name is Willian Anthes Randy but same email and Adds. He locating in the USA & Uk Before was Malaysia & UK. SO PPL WATCH OUT FOR HIM WHEN U SHOP HE GOES ALL THE WAY OUT WITH HIS FRIENDLINESS, AND KEEPING TELLING YOU NEED TO SEND MORE MONEY FOR TAX AND THIS AND THAT. HE EVEN GOT A FAKE SHIPPING COMPANY (cornwadeservescom) with tracking number and will send all proof that’s fake and not legit.

    BE WARN!!

  48. Fraud Cop says:

  49. James Ruben says:

    Hi Admin,
    I am in the middle of a transaction more than 20K USD with for the very first time (Actually I haven’t payed them yet)! I have found that the online vendor is included here in your scam list. I have also come across the following report IDs (Report: #577151, #631622, #565705) from There are also other bad reports from, even more from google results.

    During my conversation with one of their Sales Consultant, they have explained the actual reason behind their only accepted payment system through Liberty Reserve as follows:

    “We process the payments by LibertyReserve because they give us the opportunity to avoid all the business taxes perfectly legal and by this way we are able to offer you the best deals from the market. LibertyReserve is for you, not for us because trough this payment system you can purchase a brand new product for a good price. If you prefer to pay by credit card or bank wire you will purchase the same products for a much bigger price because these transactions are recorded and like any other company we will have to pay huge taxes for the sale.”

    I know that the legitimacy of Liberty Reserve could be well justified due to its widespread use with various online trading platform regulated by Government Financial Authority. So would you please explain their above excuse for the exclusive acceptance of Liberty Reserve e-Currency could be TRUE or NOT?

    The have certified their site by Geotrust SSL certificate & McAfee SECURE Certificate Logo on their site. In this case would you please explain how could a scam site get and maintain such Certificates or doesn’t it matter at all for proving legitimacy of any online business?

    I would also be thankful to you, if you could provide me your expert advice about trading with Thanks in advance.

    • KVNPark says:

      Well, the site isn’t working at the moment.
      However, if you get many feedbacks saying it’s a scam, then it’s likely a scam. So, why choose to deal with them?

      The certificates you speak of are probably fake. Are they clickable? If so, are you directed to a legitimate URL with verifiable information? Anybody can put up an image on a website. Plus, neither SSL cert or a McAfee cert indicate that the site is scam-free. Do they even have SSL? Do you see “https” in front of the URL?

      As for their excuse for using LibertyReserve, I say BS. I don’t know much about LibertyReserve, but from what I hear, it’s the payment processor of choice for pozi schemes and scammers. I would not deal with LibertyReserve.

      20K is a LOT of money to risk on a highly likely scammer. Plus, you want to give $20,000 to someone who wants to hide their sales to avoid taxes?

  50. J J says:

    Hi i found this site after i’ve been scammed by $948.00 what can be done?
    Can these people be caught?

    • KVNPark says:

      That’s a lot of money. I’m afraid not much can be done. These guys are in China and I assume you’re not. You can try contacting the MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, but they won’t be able to help you much in terms of getting your money back.

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