Fraudulent Online Retailers

Last Updated: April 28, 2014 On this page, you’ll find a list of fraudulent online stores that you should avoid. There’s also a short list of recommended sites, so don’t confuse the two lists. How this list got started A while ago someone asked whether was legit. Ever since then, I’ve noticed more of […]

Fraudulent Online Retailers

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  1. terry says:

    “” takes your order and payment which goes to a different email to the one on their web site which will not accept your email at all, also they don’t answer the phone which means you can’t contact them. Once they take your payment you receive nothing and all contact is stopped. Now website says under new management and construction. After doing some checking I found out they use to trade as which stopped trading last year with the same company director (this is where the order and payment go to their email address). Please don’t anyone buy from these scammers.

  2. max says:
    does this website look legit to you?
    thank you,

  3. Sandra Marshall says:

    Engine and Transmission World out of Milwakee, Wisconsin should be added to your list they are scam artists and straight up theives and don’t even care!!!!!

  4. Jamal walker says:

    Thank you for your advice on my last post about a suspicious website I encountered.. I am a person always looking for deal and also like to be aware of scams and also will like to help others from being scammed… Today I came across another website by the name of . It seems to be legit to me but I am still a bit skeptical. So I was hoping if you can check it out and let me know what you think.. I referred a lot of my friends to this site because it is a very helpful tool..

    Thanks ..

    • KVNPark says:

      Not so sure about that one. It looks fishy to me. Any time you see Apple products being advertised at low prices, you have to be suspicious. No authorized Apple dealers are allowed to sell products below what Apple sets them at.

      And there is no real contact information for the company – always a bad sign.

  5. Reshma says:

    The Website is “”. Looks like a ligit website with online customer service representative with live chat…realized that as soon as I confirmed that payment was sent via Western Union, CSR was offline & has not been online since. Who can I report this too?

  6. Reshma says:

    Sent money to an individual’s name in China via Western Union yesterday for an iPad….have been sending emails since then for confirmation but have NOT received any responses. I have confirmed with Western Union that the payment was made (i.e. Money collected)…is there a way to get my money back? I have ALL the information on whose name I sent it to. Please help!!!

  7. shelly woods says: – is a fraud
    Had to file 2 disputes with paypal and thankfully received refund on both purchases.

  8. helen says:

    I have unfortuntely sent money to belectronics for a phone and since realised its a fake site. Is there anyone to complain to?? how can i et the money back? Help.

  9. Cheryl Brown says:

    I was looking for a deal for Coach tennis shoes for my mother. I came across the website: that has most Coach items at 50% – 70% off the original price. It clearly states USA and that items will be shipped in 48 hours. This place is located in China which I did not find out about until waiting 5 days to get the items shipped and finding out from the Post Office that the package was coming from China. I found several other compliants about this website and their products. I have not seen the merchandise.

  10. atul says:

    hi pls tell me that ace mobiles company limited united kingdom deals in mobiles with offer buy 2 and get one free schemes is fake or not?

  11. Steph says:
    I found it through google shopping. Wanted a cheap iPhone 4s and they were very cheap, luckily my boyfriend is a research geek and forced me to do some research before I spent £400. They looked good and nothing dodgy. I emailed them about a few things and they replied quickly BUT they only allowed me to pay via bank transfer. I didn’t like the sound of it so I cancelled my order and then found your website. I’d be interested to know If they are legitimate.

    Many thanks

    • KVNPark says:

      That’s a scam site. The site looks very dodgy – no contact information and prices are too low.
      To top it off, they only accept bank transfers like you said.
      I’m adding to the list.

  12. NzDubzz says:

    didnis a scam? got some good stuff on it

  13. Dominik says:

    What do you think about this website?

    I am very curious about it. They want $290 for the iphone 4s 16 gb :D.

  14. Cher says:

    Thanks I was looking at buying 3 laptops from glad to know their status before doing something I would soon regret. Thank you. The first of march I put in an order for Vitamin E T-50 from, needless to say I never got what I ordered. They sent a confirmation email for the order but after that they never responded to any of my emails. I also had a run in with PayPal they made promises of refunding a shipping fee then they declined to refund the fee. I am on Soc Sec and although it was not a lot of money, to me it was. After that run in on got online to file a complaint and discovered they have screwed over 10s of thousands of people. I wish I had known this earlier. I no longer do business with any site where PayPal is the option or where they run your credit card though PayPal as a form of payment. I don’t want them to touch my money, even in a round about way. I don’t trust them. I figure if they cannot keep their word to me, they are dishonest and I want nothing to do with them. There seems to be no one watching over or controlling them. (You may wish to check these two out and you may want to add them to your list.) Thanks for your efforts on behalf of others to keep sites honest. Cher

  15. Nate says:

    All of these Sites are Scams by the Same Jerk

  16. david constant says:, working in collusion with a Chinese payment company, GZ CAPACITORSALE NET S&T CO.,LTD

    The goods on this website are Chinese-made counterfeits. They will charge your credit card more than the price advertised and if you try to cancel they will try to charge you additionals. Impossible to talk to anyone – none of their telephone numbers actually work.

  17. Hubert Temba says:

    China Cheap Wholesale Electronics, Shenzhen Branch: Huagiang Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, ZIP: 350005 are thieves. They have an add on their website that they have IPad3 for 420 US dollars. I sent them the money and they sent a tiny cellphone like gadget that I did not have a need for. I asked the scammer of the joint his name is Chris Chu to refund my money and he said he would refund my money which came to $457.00. I think he is a big thief and I want a lot of people who have been robbed by this thief to expose the theft.

  18. Jamal walker says:

    Does anyone know about ? I spoke to the sale guys. They had a number on the site before now its gone.. And if you email them they would have someone call you.. They offer paypal, googlecheckout and Credit card as a payment options.. But I still want to know before I spend my money…

    Thanks for trying to keep the internet scam free…

    • KVNPark says:

      They have $0 products. Either they have issues with their site or it’s a scam.
      It looks like a scam site to me. They registered their domain anonymously, which virtually no legitimate store would do. Customer feedbacks also look fake.

      I would avoid them.

  19. Robin says:

    My daughter has purchased shoes from iOffer. She was led to a “retailer” in China. We need to do an exchange and have not heard back from them since Saturday 5/5. I reported the seller to iOffer. They’re no help. They are just a place to post ads, no guarantees, warrantees, etc. Opened a dispute with Paypal but these are Prom shoes needed in 3 weeks. The retailer lied on the Weigh Bill to reduce his taxes and instructed us to lie on the return Weigh Bill to reduce his taxes. We paid $100 and he put $18 on the form we got and told us to put $5 on the form we return. How can I find out what the penalty is for lying about this so that I can use it as leverage to make this guy send me the right shoes? Thank you.

    • KVNPark says:

      The penalties would depend on what country you’re (and they’re) in, and I don’t have information on that. But whatever the penalty may be, it’s going to be hard for you to report the seller to the Chinese Customs. You can certainly try, but I doubt that’ll get you far especially for a $100 item.

      What you should know, though, is that it doesn’t make sense for you to lie about the value on the customs form. You simply send it back as a return merchandise. This is the standard practice. There will be no duties/taxes for the receiver since it’s an item THEY sold in the first place. The seller might be simply trying to give you a $5 refund.

      You should stay on top of the Paypal dispute and get your money back. In the mean time, you should shop elsewhere for a new pair of shoes, locally if you can.

  20. susanna says:

    Please avoid this
    I made train tickets booking through this site in Feb. when I tried to log in the website,
    they said my details are not in their system. It is absolutely impossible as I have paid for it and got a booking confirmation number from the web. So my money sure gone.

  21. Giallu says:

    Here is anothher one:

    • Jonathan P says:

      I was going to place an order of 103 samsung galaxy s2 phones at but notice it has been posted on here as a scam. They say this


      UK Mainland & International Returns are both made to our shipping office:

      Belectronics Ltd.
      Trawler Road
      Swansea, SA1 1XA
      West Glamorgan
      United Kingdom

      You must handle the shipping costs.

      On google maps it looks like it is in Maritime Quarter and when I dropped the little yellow man on the location it is in the middle of a housing estate. I am so glad I only gave them my name and just typed in something like wdfrsffsd as my address and a random telephone number. I didn’t pay for 103, they even gave me discount of 50% and free delivery meaning each galaxy s2 would have come to £110. I would have lost out on over £11,000. Luckily I haven’t paid them.

  22. linda says:

    these guys are all over the place, could be wrong, but they fit all criteria: ipad 3’s and all you ever drooled about CHEAP. buy 2 get 1 free. western union, money gram only. pay half then, rest with delivery. uk based, option chicago office possible.
    typed in ‘where can i get ipad 3’s for under selling price. name of site and company is ipadtechnicslimited

  23. JemPrem says:

    Thanks a lot!
    what’s about ???

  24. Stef says:

    I would add trade your stuff or games to the list. After 4 months no answer for emails no money. Lot of unhappy users who never saw money or game. Do not use otherwise you will lose money .

  25. Cookiesplz says:

    Here are some more scam sites. they all look way too similiar and the items are way too cheap.

  26. Cookiesplz says:

  27. Naxes says:

    thanks because i almost purchase from one of them until i check to see if it legit i saw your list and there was the web lol but there is one that is a scam is is Scam because when you try to talk to the chat link is not working plus when you che the return process nothing there. only paypal payment but the have all the major credit card logos there

  28. george says:

    is Wanghao Trade Co.,Ltd a scam?
    is Judy a scam?

    • KVNPark says:

      Um, that’s an email address. But if you were contacted by someone with an email address like that, he/she is probably a scammer.

    • GT says:

      is China Electronic Trade Co,. LTD a scam? I found them on a B2B website called

      Judy has the same email address of

      • KVNPark says:

        Most dealers using hotmail/yahoo/gmail etc are typically scammers. There are risks associated with all international trades; you need to do your due diligence to make sure they are trustworthy. Talk to the seller and ask them questions before sending any money, and protect yourself from fraud by paying with credit card / Paypal.

        • Jamal walker says:

          I just spoke to someone from and they also have the paypal option.. However its an USA company I am somewhat skeptical.. Is there a way I can know for sure.. And also can I be still scammed by them using paypal??

  29. Jack Hidle says: is another scammer. They only take money through a bank transfer service, Mazooma. I ordered headphones for about $90 on April 10th. The website said they were in stock and would ship within 48 hours. I ordered them and they took the transfer from my bank account. The headphones never arrived. It is now April 26th. On my account at the Etronics website it says “not shipped.” You can only contact customer service through email and I have tried now three times asking either for an approximate ship date or otherwise a refund since they did not ship within 48 hours as promised. I have never received a reply from them of any type. Because I used Mazooma to pay, I cannot get my money back either through Mazooma or my bank. So I have been scammed. Please add to your list of scammers. I would hate other to have to deal with being scammed by them as I have.

    • Jamal walker says:

      I Just look that site and it also has paypal… Can paypal refund you if you had used it ??? There is this company that I am a but skeptical about that is using paypal as well

  30. Dan P. says:

    WOw! Thank you! What about : ?

  31. Cliff Adderton says:

    I shoulda known better!

  32. missy says:

  33. shashi says:

    Very useful info!! Thanks…

  34. julie says:

    acadis electronics is a SCAM!!!!! Do not send any info to them!

    • Andrew says:

      How do you know its a scam? have you shopped with them? do you know anyone who has shopped and had bad luck with them? im trying to buy a camera and this is a good deal and a legit looking site. Something
      tells me not to trust it though.

  35. Jen says:

    I would like to add tbdress to your scam list. They are a chinese wedding dress website and have ripped me off very badly – and many other people, I have since found out.
    I bought three dresses from. I did receive one, but not the others. It so badly sewn, is the wrong color, and the wrong size, even though I had it custom made. They are telling me I gave them the wrong measurements (how on earth would they know what my measurements are) and that they will decide if the color is wrong! They say my pictures are not clear which we can all see clearly. After many threats to them – they probably know I can’t do much – and have stopped responding to my emails. They refuse to give me a refund, and have even suggested that I should order some more dresses from them!!! I wish I could have them wiped right off Google page.

  36. Alicia Morgan says: is a fraudulent site. It has offers to buy products at low costs, you buy them and then they take further payments out of your account without your permission. They show the banks a different set of terms and conditions to the ones on their website, making out to the banks that you have agreed. They tell you that you have to contact them by phone to cancel any subscriptions but the phone number just plays constant music and no one answers it. You try to email them and they don’t reply. DO NOT USE!!!!!

  37. mainet internal comp says:

    Bought some clothing from Mainet Internal Company and paid for it with Western Union. After I paid for the goods, I was told that there was a minimum order (not stated on the website nor was I told about it when I ordered the goods) which was more than double what I had spent. they agreed to return my money but never did. Now they ignore my emails and hang up in me when I try to phone them

  38. dennis williams says: have prices that are to low for cameras want WU, bank transfer

  39. Flavio says:

    hello, is this a real site or a scam ?

  40. BJ says:

    I was curious, so I used Acadis’s real-time chat option. Summary: They collect credit card info, but payment must be sent via “money gram”. My best guess is that the item tracked is an empty envelope.

    Visitor says:
    Hello. Can you tell me if you provide tracking information for shipments to the United States?
    Acadis says:
    yes we do
    Acadis says:
    have you placed an order with us
    Visitor says:
    I probably will later today, but I have never ordered from a foreign online retailer before, so I’m slightly concerned about the possibility of the shipment being lost in transit and wondering what my recourse is if that should happen. Do you offer insurance?
    Acadis says:
    we give maximum safe delivery of your package delivery to your address
    Acadis says:
    and we offer insurance for the item shipped
    Visitor says:
    Is that an option when I order, or is it standard up to a certain value? If standard, what is the value?
    Visitor says:
    I hope that makes sense…
    Acadis says:
    no its not
    Acadis says:
    your order is secured
    Acadis says:
    and it will be delivered safely to you
    Visitor says:
    Thank you for your help. The tracking information is reassuring
    Acadis says:
    we will give you tracking number
    Acadis says:
    but note we you are to pay to our accountant details via money gram
    Visitor says:
    You don’t accept credit card?
    Acadis says:
    Visitor says:
    Why the money gram? I’m confused…
    Acadis says:
    becuase our merchant cant charge payment via credit card
    Visitor says:
    So you mean, “Correct, we DO NOT accept credit cards.”
    Acadis says:
    Visitor says:
    In that case, I doubt I’ll be placing an order.
    Acadis says:
    Visitor says:
    I have no recourse if your “merchant” accepts my wired funds and never ships my order to me.
    Visitor says:
    Credit card payments offer a lot of security, especially to foreign buyers.
    Visitor says:
    I’m wondering why your site asks for credit card information.
    Acadis says:
    your details will be requested for but the payment wont be precessed
    Acadis says:
    you are 00% safe dealing with us
    Acadis says:
    Visitor says:
    I’m afraid if you want to convince me you’ll have to refer me to several different customers that I could contact personally by mail.
    Acadis says:
    you can check our reviews from customer in our website
    Acadis says:
    be rest assured dealing with us
    Visitor says:
    Don’t get me wrong: I want to believe that you are legitimate, but this follows to the letter the book of fraudulent online retailing.
    Visitor says:
    A name doesn’t mean anything. I can post a comment online as a dozen different people, but it’s still me, and I could still be an employee. You see what I mean?
    Acadis says:
    am nit getting you wrng
    Acadis says:
    we understand how you fell
    Acadis says:
    Acadis says:
    Visitor says:
    Without a way of personally contacting previous customers who are definitely separate from your business, I can’t justify wiring money to a foreign country.
    Acadis says:

    • AJ says:

      I would like to say a huge thank you. You saved me from possibly losing hundreds of dollars. Much appreciated.

  41. KC says: is a site I recently came across, the prices look to be dangerously cheap and I’m not yet certain if it is legit or not. Especially since I got to the site via Google Shopping…

    • KVNPark says:

      You can’t trust sites listed on Google Shopping. It says nothing about their credibility. If the prices are too low and the site has no contact information, you shouldn’t buy from it.

  42. nn says:

    Is a scam?

  43. Jodie says:

    Is legit? AKA

    • KVNPark says:

      Probably is. The site was only registered in March of this year. Prices are too low. Highly likely a scam.

    • James says:

      If you look under their policy, it says the product they sell are not the real thing, they are knock-offs. Thats probably why their prices are so low. I think it might be a scam too.

  44. Cameron says:

    Is a scam?

  45. […] Oil Minister scam. Stay away from these websites, but realize that new ones pop up daily: Fraudulent Online Retailers List – Electronics scam and more | SFI Reply With […]

  46. […] Oil Minister scam. Stay away from these websites, but realize that new ones pop up daily: Fraudulent Online Retailers List – Electronics scam and more | SFI Reply With […]

  47. P says:

    Kudos for your site. The information is extremely helpful. Is a scam?

    Thank you.

  48. crl says:

    is hotetrade a legit site? they only accept bank transfer and western union.

  49. dilum says:

    I visited to alibaba and registered. After I sent a B/R (Buying request) for Flash Drive.After a day I had lot of Emails. I found remarkable prices by some sellers. After choose few companies I sent an emails to them.
    I choose this company after checking Hong Kong Registered Company list.
    Company: Shenzhen Electronusb Co, Limited
    Website: electronusb . com
    Offic Address: 5/F,NO.592 ,Fuhong Road, Futian District,Shenzhen,China
    Factory: 20#Baotian industrialarea, Bao’an districts, Shenzhen, China

    Name: Miss Ann Huang
    MSN: electron.usb @
    E-mail : electron.usb123 @
    complaints email: electron.usb @
    Tel: +86755-36672613
    Mob: +8613172422613

    Ann huang act as a sales manager of this company. There was a other contractors named Catherine.
    we had supplier Banking details
    First she sent me
    A/C of
    Bank of China Shenshen Branch
    A/C no-476693801881512617
    After Received P/I I sent a email to send the company A/C for Trusted Transaction.
    She Sent me.
    The Bank of HSBC Account :


    Business Integrated Account Number: 015-781883-838

    Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong

    Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

    Beneficiary Bank Code: 004 (for local payment)

    SWIFT Address: HSBCHKHHHKH (for telegraphic transfers)
    I found the ming shang is a registered company in Hong Kong. There was no record in scammer reported sites.
    As 報告編號:
    Date of Incorporation / Registration(D-M-Y)
    Period Covered (By Date)(D/M/Y): 22/11/2010 – 28/11/2010
    根據《公司條例》(第32章) 成立∕註冊的新公司
    Newly Incorporated / Registered Companies under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32)
    1532630 25-11-2010
    I had Fake Flash drives after paid of Full amount to Bank by T/T . There was 128MB drive as a 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB. There was no memory chip also not a genuine or class B chip with circuit. It uses a Hynix Nanand flash 128 chip for Flash ROM.
    My All money was Lost.

  50. Gleard says:

    I pay 159usd to for iphone that they say its free shipping after i sent the money they email me and say the product value is to low so they can’t send it so i have to buy another one so they can ship all together, they only accept western union,
    after that they didn’t reply my email any longer,

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